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How to get the one you want - Melbourne 2 day workshop
How to get the one you want - Sydney 2 day workshop
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How to get the man you want & How to get the woman you want: Real People - Real Answers Sensational 2 sided book on Flirting, dating, sex and love - What men and women really want.
How to get the one you want workshops
How to get the one you want’
Two day dating workshops

Learn the secrets to getting and
keeping the one you want

Melbourne – Sat 13th & Sun 14th of June 2009

Don't miss out on this ground breaking, fun, interactive two day dating workshop by the authors of 'How to get the man you want & How to get the woman you want", Flirt and Dating Expert Katia Loisel-Furey, Paul Morris Segal and best selling author of 'The Secret Language of Your body', Inna Segal.

Have you ever wondered what the opposite sex really thinks? What do they look for in a prospective partner? What gets their attention, what turns them on and what turns them off?

When it comes to flirting, dating, sex and love, what do they really want? As if the world of dating wasn’t confusing enough, every time you turn on the TV, read a magazine or hop online you get different advice.

Girls, should you play hard to get or shouldn’t you? Is making the first move taking away the thrill of the chase? What do guys really think about paying for the first date and do you owe him one if you accept? Is it ok to have sex on the first date or will he see you as nothing but a booty call?

Guys, what are women really looking for in a guy, do looks really matter or is it the size of your wallet they’re after? Do they really judge you based on your size or is it your experience that counts?

How do you find your soul mate and receive the love and respect you deserve?

Our fun, intensive two day workshop is designed to help you get and keep the one you want. Leave all your preconceived ideas at the door. this workshop will bust open old wives tales and tell the truth about dating, flirting and sex once and
for all.

To register for the Melb How to get the one you want dating workshop click here

What you will gain

• Discover how you really come across with honest feedback from body language   expert Katia Loisel-Furey.
• How the opposite sex really feels and what they want when it comes to flirting, dating, sex and love.
• What others really think of you when they first meet you.
• How to conquer your fears, get over rejection and make your move.
• How to make yourself instantly more attractive to the opposite sex.
• How to make yourself more attractive on the inside and out.
• How to take their breath away without breaking your bank account.
• How to be an instant hit, anywhere, anytime.
• How to decipher if they're flirting or just being friendly.
• How to tell if you’re too much hard work or just too picky.
• How to get the X factor and become a people magnet.
• Where to meet sexy singles.
• How to knock their socks off.
• How to plan a great date with 150 ideas of where to go on a date.
• What to wear to attract the opposite sex.
• How to take them on a date they’ll never forget.
• The number one thing that will get their attention.
• How to get them to say “yes” when they’d normally say no.
• How to make a fabulous impression on your first date.
• How to avoid the dating pitfalls.
• How to make them want you.
• How to heat things up in less than a minute.
• Their top 10 sexual turn-offs.
• Their top 10 sexual turn-ons.
• What they'd really want you to do to them in the bedroom.
• What they’d like to do to you.
• And how to get them coming back for more.

We’ve taken the guesswork out of getting and keeping the one you want.

To register for the Melb How to get the one you want dating workshop click here

Your Presenters

Katia Loisel-Furey is an international flirting, dating and body language expert. She is also a TV presenter who has worked with tens of thousands of singles and couples. Katia has featured as a dating expert on TV shows such as 9am with David and Kim, The Morning Show, Today Tonight, A Current Affair, Sunday and Postcards. She receives many letters from readers and advises them on body language, relationships and the world of dating.

Inna Segal
is the creator of Visionary Intuitive Healing® and the best selling author of The Secret Language of Your Body: The Essential Guide to Healing. She is an internationally recognized healer, professional speaker, author and TV presenter. Inna’s practical healing techniques, healing frequency, radio and television appearances, and powerful products are changing the lives of millions of people around the world.

Paul Morris Segal
s the President of Inner Kiss™ Publishing and a presenter and producer of the Write Now radio program. He has co-produced the TV series, Living Life Now, and is a widely published song writer of DVDs, radio,internet, television and movies. A certified Laughter Clubs leader, Paul has presented many workshops for educational institutions, organizations and businesses.


I tried out the flirting tips and immediately noticed a difference. Approaching a stranger can be a daunting task but having a few tricks up your sleeve can help to get the conversation started.” - Herald Sun

"Katia Loisel-Furey is flirtalicious! She knows exactly which buttons to push and when to push them! She opened my eyes and I haven't looked back" - Mark

"Thank you Inna for helping me to understand the importance of body language and how it speaks louder than words. I did not feel like it was learning as it was so much fun!" - Emily

"Paul Morris Segal has a unique presentation. He is both inspiring and educational. If he doesn’t leave you laughing… check your pulse… nothing will." - Jamie

“It was simply fun! Importantly interactive so as toreinforce lessons learnt. I now have the information and tools to improve my flirting skills. Some of my greatest roadblocks have been SMASHED! Thank you!!!” - Ben

“Just brilliant!! The feedback was fantastic. It’s probably the only time that you will ever get honest feedback from the opposite sex” - Lil

Investment: $495 (early bird price 'till the 31st of March)
Regular investment: $595

To register for the Melb How to get the one you want dating workshop click here

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